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CID GmbH – Smart Answers for Better Decisions!

CID GmbH is an innovative, medium-sized software projects and product company headquartered near Frankfurt, Germany. More than 200 employees are well-educated, experienced, and dedicated to delivering benefits to our customers through highly successful projects.

Run by its founders and privately held, CID encourages innovation, motivation, and commitment in a collegial and performance-oriented working atmosphere. We service large-scaled customers with IT consulting, the introduction of service-oriented software architectures (SOA), tailored software solutions, and intelligence products.

Our R&D lab for Artificial Intelligence is a leader in the science and development of Text Mining, Semantic Analysis and Machine Learning.

We, CID GmbH, develop innovative, intelligent software solutions and products for efficient, digital processes and automation. We empower strategic and tactical operations with Artificial Intelligence. And we love what we do.

We enable our customers to gain valuable benefits from fit for purpose business applications powered by analytics, insights, and automation. We help you turn data into knowledge with Artificial Intelligence technology made in Germany.

We combine more than 20 years of experience in developing custom software solutions with data science research and the development of our very own technology stack for Artificial Intelligence. Innovation and quality are the basis of our work. Every solution we deliver meets highest quality and latest technology standards for maximum customer satisfaction. Immediate, customer-centric service, individual consulting and personal one-on-one support are essential for successful business relations and valuable long-term partnerships. Research, development, consulting. We support our customers through the full lifecycle from value creation to maintenance. From the initial idea right to the final product. Based on our proprietary R&D we create unique intellectual property that serves as the foundation of our innovative products. We work with the talents who build software above industry standard. We assist our customers with consulting, project management, IT operations, and continuous support for one single goal: Absolute performance and quality!


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