TIAD 2019 (co-located)

Translation Inference across Dictionaries (TIAD)


TIAD’19 workshop will present results of the second shared task on Translation Inference Across Dictionaries, following on the first TIAD shared task and workshop held at
LDK’17. The objective is to explore and compare methods and techniques to infer translations indirectly between language pairs, based on existing bilingual resources from the Apertium RDF graph, which includes 22 RDF dictionary sets. Such techniques would help in auto-generating new bilingual and multilingual dictionaries based on existing ones. The participating systems will be asked to indirectly generate translations among three languages, namely Portuguese, French and English, which are not directly connected in the Apertium RDF graph. Participants will apply their methods and techniques to discover indirect translations (mediated by any other language in the graph) between the pairs: (EN, FR), (FR, PT), and (PT, EN), and will also be able to make use of other freely available sources of background knowledge to improve performance, as long as no direct translations among the final language pairs are used. Evaluation of the results will be carried out against manually compiled pairs of K Dictionaries. Participants will submit a system paper that should include a description of the system, the way the data have been processed, the applied algorithms, the obtained results, as well as the conclusions and ideas for future improvements. The papers will be peer reviewed prior to publication.