TRACER Tutorial (co-located)

Historical Text Reuse Tutorial

The tutorial addresses participants who are interested in finding text reuse between two or multiple texts (in the same language). It teaches them how to explore, use and semi-automatically run the TRACER tool, a suite of state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and functions aimed at discovering text reuse in multifarious corpora from multiple genres. It is designed to work with historical text, such as Ancient Greek, Latin, Classical Arabic or medieval German, and provides researchers with a powerful engine to identify and display different types of text reuse ranging from verbatim quotations to paraphrase. To do so, TRACER implements basic NLP measures and operations, such as shingling and winnowing, and supplies an inbuilt, step-wise pipeline which breaks down the challenging task of reuse detection into smaller sub-tasks. A human-readable and editable configuration file gives the user full control over the parameters during every step, thus accommodating specific needs.

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